1.    I wanted to eat fish for lunch ......... the fish and chip shop had closed for the day.
a. or    b. but    c. so    d.  and

2.    One day three weeks ago John’s friends visited him to his house because he …… off his bike.
a. falls     b. fell     c. has been falling     d. is falling

3.    I am going to do my homework ......... take a shower when I get home from school.
a.  and    b.  but    c. so    d. thus   

4.    My brother wanted to buy a novel ......... he went to the book store after he finished work.
a. so    b. or    c. but    d. and

5.    I wanted to visit my grandmother last week ......... she had an accident and had to be taken to hospital.
a. but    b. or    c. so    d. and

6.    The food ____ she is buying looks healthy.
a. who    b. that    c. which    d. whom

7.    The bat is the only mammal ___ can fly.
a. who    b. that    c. which    d. whom

8.    Look! That's the singer ___ mother is from my hometown.
a. whose    b. who    c. that    d. who's

9.    I felt bad for the guy ___ failed the exam.
a. that    b. which    c. who    d. whose

10.    I …………………………….   her two days ago. 
a. seeing    b. saw    c. see    d. seed

11.    Ina   : Why are you sleepy in class?
    Ines  : Do I look sleepy, Na? I am not sleepy, but I have a painful stomach ache.
    Ina   : You should go to the doctor. Come on I'll accompany you.
    The underlined words express ........
    a. obligation    b. satisfaction    c. advice    d. offering

12.    What type of this ship is it?
a. cable ferry   
b. cruise ship
c. cargo liner   
    d. crane vessel

13.     He …………………………….    to the meeting on Wednesday because he was on holiday. 
a. comes    b. did not came    c. did not come     d. does not come

14.    My father wanted to watch a soccer match on television ......... my mother was already watching another program.
a.  but    b. while    c. or    d. so

15.    Where …………………………….  for your holidays? 
a. did you go    b. went    c. do you went    d. was you go

16.     How long ……………………………. you to drive from Mecca to Medinna? 
a. did it took    b. did it take    c. does it take    d. do it took

17.    Mother Theresa was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1979 for her work among the homeless.
    The underlined word means ... .
    a. celebrated    b. dedicated    c. granted    d. proved

18.    What are they doing?
a. The woman is talking to her friend
    b. The man is whispering something to his wife
    c. The two woman are using glasses
    d. The woman is whispering something to her friend

19.    I don't like dogs ___ jump on me.
a. whose    b. that    c.     d. whom   

20.    A : Have you heard that uncle Joe will come next week?
    B : Oh. really? When did he tell you?
    A : Last week.
    The underlined sentence is used to express ........
    a. happiness    b. surprise    c. pleasure    d. enjoyment

21.    I …………………  a fantastic film at the cinema last week. 
a. saw    b. seeing    c. seed    d. see

22.     "Watch the TV tonight. My daughter is on TV channel 5 at eight. She always makes me happy." "Sure, I will."
From the underlined words we know that the first speaker feels ........ her daughter.
a. angry with    b. proud of    c. worried about    d. disappointed at

23.    The batik dress mother gave me is old, its colour has faded. Its refers to ...
a.  mother     b. old    c. batik     d. colour

24.    "I am sorry I don't know the answer, but I really wish I ..."
a. know     b. have known    c. knew     d. will know

Question 36 to 38 refer to the following article

At present, aeroplanes are playing a very important role to .....(17)..... one place to another. People can go round the world just in a two day flight by the world's first supersonic airliner, Concorde, which .....(18)..... at a height of over 18.000 metres and .....(19)..... a speed of over 2.000 km per hour.

25.    a. disjoin    b. separate    c. connect    d. divide
26.    a. goes    b. drives    c. flies    d. comes
27.    a. cuts    b. continues    c. reaches    d. moves

28.    My teeth were hurting ......... I made an appointment to go the dentist.
a. or    b.  so    c  but    d. because

29.    Mary introduced me to her former lecturer ........ she married after she had graduated.
a. of whom    b. whom     c. whose        d. who

30.    He ........   20 years old when he started work. 
a. were    b. was    c. is    d. did

31.    Have you seen ......... heard the latest musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber?
a. but    b. or    c.  so    d. while

32.    Jaya         : Why are you still here?
                     Didn't you tell me that you would go to Jakarta today?
Setiadi     : I would have been in Jakarta if the bus had not got an accident.
The underlined utterance means..........
a. Setiadi went to Jakarta    b. The bus got an accident
c. Jaya went to Jakarta    d. The bus was safe

33.    If I find her address, I…………………… her an invitation.
a. will send    b. would send    c. sent    d. send

34.    I wanted to go to the rock concert ......... all the tickets were already sold out.
a.  but    b. so     c.  both    d. and

35.    If I don’t see him this afternoon, I ……………………  him in the evening.
a. will phone    b. phone    c. phoned    d. would phoned

36.    Jack      : Rita, ............
Rita       : Pleased to meet you. Don.
Don       : Pleased to meet you too.
a. I'd like you to meet my friend Don    b. don't you know Don is my friend
c. Don wants to meet you    d. please introduce yourself to Don

37.    Last Thursday our English teacher …… all the exercise.
a.corrected         b. is correcting    
c. has corrected         d. has been correcting

38.    I wanted to eat sushi for dinner ......... I went to a Japanese restaurant.
a.  but    b. and    c.  or    d. so

39.    Sam is the boy  _____ shaved his head--he is completely bald now.
a. whose    b. that    c. which    d. who

40.    "I'm sorry for …... you all this trouble,
a. having     b. creating    c. causing     d. making

41.    A dishwasher is a machine ____ washes dishes.
a. who    b. whose    c. which    d. that

42.    X : Have you sent the letter?
Y : No, I haven't finished typing it.
X : What? You ... have sent it yesterday
Y : I'm sorry. I'll send it immediately
a. may     b. could    c. would    d. might
43.    Which one of the statement is correct
a. canoe is the biggest one
b. speed boat is smaller than canoe
c. yatch is the biggest one
c. yatch is the same size as speed baot

44.    Susi     : Let's go to the Jazz Festival tonight!
Yani     : You go, please. Jazz is not my music. I'd, better go back to my books.
From the dialogue we know that Yani ... Susi's invitation.
a. prefers     b.  refuses     c.  ignores     d.  accepts

Question number 37 to 40 refer to the following passage

The Titanic was the biggest ship in the world at that time. It had good facilities such as: a fully air conditional cabin, restaurant, bar, mini shop, recreation space, ship’s band and singers, medical facilities, telephone, etc. When the Titanic sailed from Southampton to New York in April 1912 with 819 crews and 1316 passengers, it sank after it sailed for four days. It happened in North Atlantic Ocean. It hit a very big iceberg. Since there were not enough lifeboats and all the passengers or the crews were very afraid, the ship sank rapidly, most of passangers and crews sank and only few people was safe.

45.    Where did the tragedy happen?
a. in the sea    b. in the high way    c. in the harbor     d. In the air

46.    It had good facilities. The underlined word refers to ….
a. the world    b. the ship    c. the time     d. that biggest

47.    Which line tells us that most of people died?
a.line 3 & 4    b. line 1 & 2    c. line 6 & 7    d. line 5

48.    Where did the Titanic sink exactly?
a. Southeast continent     b. in the sea
c. Atlantic ocean         d. North Atlantic Ocean

49.     Jasmine is a flower ____ is white and very fragrent.
a. which    b. who    c. that    d. whom

50.     They are filming the girl ___ birthday is today.
a. whose    b. that    c. who    d. which

51.    There's the couple ___ dancing you liked so much.
a. whose    b. that    c. who   

52.    If John has the money, he will buy a Ferrari.
a. will buy    b. buys    c. would buy    d. bought


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